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Korrika Run In Lužánky Park On Saturday Will Raise Awareness of Basque Language Rights

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This Saturday, 16 March, Lužánky Park will host Korrika, a one-kilometre race in support of the Basque language (“Euskera”). The participants will gather at Ponava Bar at 4pm for the race, before returning there afterwards for a party.

Although Korrika is a rare event in Brno, it is a 23rd year old tradition, a race with a cause that aims to grant visibility to the struggle of Basque-speaking students to complete their professional education in their mother tongue, due to French and Spanish authorities. 

As the website explains: “At this 23rd Korrika, we want to pay homage to the group Azterketak Euskaraz, a group made up of young people, supported in this conflict by parents and teachers. They are Basque activists, they are the protagonists of their actions, thanks to which we have the chance to recognise the efforts of several generations over 35 years.”

Naiara Olaran, organiser of Brno’s Korrika, invites anyone wishing to support the cause to join the efforts and celebrations this weekend. “For those who are interested in our beloved Basque Country and its culture, we are very happy to welcome you to our first edition of Brno’s Korrika 2024. The aim of this event is to support our language: Basque. That’s why we want to invite you all, to share and show you our traditions.”

The race itself will be held at a relaxed pace, accompanied by music and an afterparty where participants can enjoy the rest of the afternoon. 

For more information, see the Facebook event page.

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