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Srbská Stadium To See Significant Reconstruction, With New Lighting, Seats, and Roofing

Last week, the City of Brno took another step to ensure that the stadium on Srbská, home ground of Zbrojovka Brno, will remain compliant with the requirements of top football, as city councillors approved the procurement procedure for the modernisation of the stadium’s infrastructure. The value of the public contract is estimated at CZK 80-90 million before VAT, which will go towards new roofing for the stands, new seats, lighting, a sound system, and many other modifications. The improvements will be carried out in stages until 2026.

The procurement procedure will select a contractor, who will provide the project documentation and other requirements, in addition to the actual construction work at the stadium. “Until a new stadium is built at the exhibition centre, Brno must take care of the urban area on Srbská so that it still meets the standards of the highest football competitions,” explained Brno city councillor for sport Tomáš Aberl. “We have already selected a contractor for the reconstruction of the playing area, and an overall modernization of the facilities is also necessary. Gradual modifications, which will significantly improve the comfort of spectators, are to begin this year.” 

First, new seats will be installed in the main stands in sectors A and B. At the same time, improved artificial lighting will be installed, including a replacement power source. Roofing will be added to sectors H, I, N and O, which lie opposite the main stand, and the TV camera platform will be expanded. Sectors C and D for away fans will also be roofed, while the sound system inside and outside the stadium will be renovated, with a connection to an independent source of electricity. At the same time, all entrances with turnstiles that have a ticket control system will be upgraded.

Finally, the current sectors T, U and V will be demolished, to create a new entrance from Srbská street. A series of mobile structures will take their place, for use by players, referees, and journalists. In addition, a first-aid facility for spectators will be built in the currently unused sector P. The expected value of the contract is between CZK 80-90 million crowns without VAT. The adjustments will be made gradually, principally during the summer and winter breaks of the seasons from this year until 2026.

Improving the stadium infrastructure according to the new standards approved by the Czech Football Association and the Liga Football Association is obligatory; if the city complex in Srbska did not pass the certification and fulfil the requirements, it would not be able to host top league matches or international matches.

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