The Jacobin, Dvořák’s Tribute to Czech Music, Premieres on 8 October

The Jacobin is Dvořák’s tribute to Czech music and the people who love it. Credit: Bara Bachanova.

Brno, Sep 27 (BD) – Music is the theme and the conveyance for Antonín Dvořák’s opera, The Jacobin, which will premiere on 8 October at the Janáček Theatre.

The Jacobin is set in a small village in Bohemia during the Enlightenment (i.e., 1793). An unknown couple comes to town and arouses the suspicion of most of the locals. One, however, takes them in: he is Benda, an elderly teacher who loves music.

Music takes center stage. It is the change agent for the fates of all of the characters, including Benda, his stubborn daughter Terinka, who is in love with the young teacher Jiřík, and the conceited burgrave Filip.

The Jacobin, which had its world premiere on 9 February 1889, is Dvořák’s tribute to Czech music and the people who love it.

The opera will be staged in the Czech original by the Brno National Theatre company (NdB) at the Janáček Theatre, with Czech, English and German subtitles.

Additional performances will be on 14 October, 28 October, 26 November, 17 December, and 1 January.

Additional highlights in October include the classic Nabucco on 15 October, and the shocking and powerful Salome on 27 October.

Then, on 4 November, the Janáček Opera of NdB, under the direction of conductor Robert Kružík, will provide a sneak peak for the 9th Janáček Brno Festival in 2024. It will take place at Mahen Theatre, the venue for the world premieres of Janáček’s operas, and it will include parts of his operas and works associated with Brno. Special guests to perform include violinist Josef Špaček, soprano Kateřina Kněžíková, and baritone Ivan Kusnjer.


NdB Ballet will perform Swan Lake, perhaps the most famous ballet of all time, four times this month: October 17, 18, 24, and 25.

Then, first thing in November, Bdění will showcase the work of three contemporary choreographers: Nacho Duato, Jiří Kylián, and Radu Poklitaru.


NdB Drama is mostly in Czech, but there are occasional plays that have English subtitles.

Mother, for example, will include English subtitles when it is performed on 9 October. The Karel Čapek play revolves around the title character and her five sons, all of whom yearn for adventure.

The Brno National Theatre of Brno (NdB) presents opera, ballet, and theatrical performances. Click here for the full schedule and more details.

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