Brno Celebrates Its Musical Tradition With Moravský Podzim

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The Moravský podzim festival will take place in October at venues throughout Brno. Photo: Trio Bohémo will perform “In Search of Lost Beauty” on 17 October. Credit: Moravsky Podzim.

Brno, Sept. 25, 2023 (BD) – Starting with the Opening Concert (Heinrich, Beethoven, Pärt, Skrjabin), continuing through performances of Janáček, Mozart, Strauss, and Brahms, and finishing with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Poznan, Poland (Penderecki, Kapralova, Szymanowsky), the Moravský podzim (Moravian Autumn) festival will celebrate the grand scope of classical music with events throughout Brno.

The series includes well-known composers and not-so-well-known composers in a combination that will provide audiences with a “Parallel History of Music”.

“We will bring to light the lesser-known compositions of famous composers and point out the longevity of the works of forgotten authors,” said festival director Vítězslav Mikeš.

The “parallel” theme comes from the philosophical idea that we can live in a parallel world: music enables eternity without the burden of boredom or time.

The opening concert is this Sunday at Janáčkovo divadlo, with the sounds of Singing of the Spirit of the Wild Forest, Anthony Philip Heinrich’s symphonic fantasy. It is already sold out.

The Closing Concert on 22 October at Janáčkovo divadlo commemorates the 90th birthday of Krzysztof Penderecki, one of the most important creators of Polish and, by extension, world music in the second half of the 20th century. Poznan, the sister city of Brno, and its Philharmonic Orchestra will bring his music to life.

Among the performances between those two come world premieres, Czech premieres, famous pieces and modern works.

Most concerts will be at Besední dům, but performances will also take place in the 10-Z shelter, Villa Tugendhat, Petrov Cathedral, the church on Náměstí Míru, and possibly at the Red Church.

For more information, Click here for the English version of the Moravský podzim festival website.

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