Two Men Caught By Brno Police Officers After Robbing ATM In Austria

South Moravian police officers took swift action when they were contacted by Austrian colleagues. Their task was to catch the thieves who had robbed an ATM in the neighbouring country. The perpetrators were carrying 114,000 euros in their car, which was heading for the Czech Republic. Photo credit:

Czech Republic, April 14 (BD) – The quick response of police patrols was prompted by a request from Austrian police on Friday morning. An ATM had been broken into not far from the border, and the perpetrators, who had stolen a large amount of cash from the machine, were driving away from the scene in a dark Mazda 6 towards the Czech Republic.

The police quickly took tactical positions where the thieves could try to escape. Shortly before 7am, the suspect vehicle was spotted on the D1 motorway near Velká Bíteš, heading towards Brno. An operations officer informed police patrols in the area, who were able to catch up with the car near Brno and stop it at a suitable place.

During the arrest, officers found two foreigners from Eastern Europe in the car. In addition to the stolen money, they were carrying other suspicious items, including electric all-terrain scooters, dark clothing, a gas cylinder and licence plates. Both men will be transferred into police custody in Austria on the basis of a European arrest warrant.

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