Left Wing of Brno Railway Station Opens After Reconstruction

The left wing of Brno’s main railway station has reopened and is accessible to the public, following modernisation works. Credit: JD / Brno Daily.

Brno, Dec 6 (BD) – The work was carried out by Brno New Station Development (BNSD), which was established in 2008 for the purpose of revitalizing buildings and land in the area of ​​the Brno main railway station, ie. for reconstruction, modernization, and repairs, on the basis of a lease agreement concluded with České dráhy. According to BNSD, so far, the work has cost CZK 200 million.

Credit: JD / BD

The company intends to repair the right wing of the building as well next year.

The newly-reopened wing contains a supermarket “Billa”, which will be allowed to open on public holidays as it is situated in the train station.

Other shops are Relay newsagent, Hello Bistro, Pizza, MashBro, Minit, and Fiori florist. Credit: JD / BD
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