Brno Man Breaks Phone of Woman That Was Filming Him Without A Face Mask

At the Brno central railway station in early November, an argument broke out between a woman and a senior citizen who refused to wear a protective face mask in the waiting room. The woman did not approve of his behavior, so she first reprimanded him and later took a short video with her phone. The 74-year-old man decided to fight back, literally. Photo: KK / BD.

Brno, Nov 13 (BD) – The man promptly attacked the woman with a rolled-up newspaper and knocked her phone out of her hand, breaking the screen. 

Eventually, Brno City Police came to calm the dispute. The price of the damaged phone was estimated at CZK 30,000. 

“The woman told police officers that she had warned the passenger that he must have a protective face mask in the waiting area. The man defended himself saying he was drinking hot coffee, which, according to the woman, only stood on the table. When the woman started filming him on her cell phone, the senior citizen got upset,” said a spokeswoman for Brno police, Markéta Skřivánková.

Due to the amount of damage, the police officers handed the case over to the national police.

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