“Just Going For One”: Four Great Brno Local Pubs You Should Check Out

If you’re getting a bit fed-up with the same old pubs, Melis Karabulut has some suggestions for interesting or quirky local pubs you may not yet have discovered. Photo credit: Freepik / Illustrative photo.

Brno, Sep 15 (BD) – Brno is a total labyrinth. When you least expect it, you end up discovering another cool place you wish you had discovered long before. No matter how long you have been roaming in this labyrinth, be it two months, five years, the city always has somewhere new to offer! Recently, without even intending to find new spots for a Friday beer with friends, I found several local pubs that have gone mostly undiscovered and deserve some credit! As the city center pubs are getting more crowded lately with the reopening of universities, these suggestions may help you go local, and have a beer… or ten! 

  1. Pivoň 

Address: Vrchlického sad 3, Brno-střed

Pivoň is a no muss no fuss place with a good variety of local craft beers on tap and Czech snacks at great prices. The atmosphere is easy, very local, yet also foreigner-friendly with friendly staff. Customers have the option of sitting indoors and enjoying the bar’s lumberjack theme, or taking their beers outside to sit on Vrchlického Sad, where the bar has some bench tables available. With interiors full of big and small tables, Pivoň is an ideal place to go with a group of friends, to organize quiz nights, language exchange events, or board game tournaments. As the pub is very close to Lužánky Park, it is a good place to stop by after a walk, and enjoy some good beer! The pub is open from 5pm every day except for Sundays. 

  1. Artbar Druhy Pad

Address: Štefanikova 1, Brno-střed (entrance from Kotlářska) 

Many know about Artbar from its wide variety of events and cool underground-style interiors, but others may have never heard of it. Located in a somewhat hard-to-notice spot, it looks like just another bar from the outside, Artbar surprises you once you get inside and see it for yourself: many, many rooms with interesting wall paintings and smoking areas, a separate room for stand-up shows, and a nice bar with quite reasonable prices for a good beer, comfy couches, and spectacular music! Those who know Vzorkovna in Prague will find the atmosphere quite similar, but Artbar in Brno also hosts Erasmus parties, concerts, quizzes, and private events. Visitors have the option to book the whole place for their own events as well. 

  1. Živo U Palečka

Address: Koliště 23, Brno-střed 

This week’s best discovery is definitely Živo U Palečka! Just a few steps away from Janáček Theatre, this pub is a great getaway from the rush of the city while still in the center. The very friendly staff will welcome you into their cozy garden during the summer, or their cool underground bar with its own soul. One big plus of the place is the grilling area in the garden, where you can bring your own meat or vegetables and have a grill party with friends. There is always some excellent local tap beer, snacks, and a smiling face. They are open every day, usually from 4 to 10 pm. Make sure you ask for karaoke nights or other events taking place during the Autumn season. 

  1. Pivní burza 2.0

Address: Jánská 16, Brno-střed 

This is a great place to go when all the downtown bars are full of people on a regular Friday or Saturday evening. The unique concept of the bar is the stock market-style way of buying your beer. Indoors, each table has a touchscreen displaying the prices of different beers going up and down according to the demand from customers. If more people are ordering one particular beer, the price of that beer will rise, while the price for other types will go lower. Order from the touchscreen, and the beer is on the way! They have some bar snacks, but may not be the best pub for food. The concept of the bar and the variety of great beer are already two good reasons to visit. On the weekends it may get a bit crowded, but there is always outdoor seating available.

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