Brno City Council Approves Nearly CZK 6 Million In Funding For The Promotion of Local Sport

Last week, Brno City Councillors approved subsidies for a number of local sports organisations, totalling just under CZK 6 million. Among the recipients are several sports clubs, as well as the Brno Center for Sports Hopes, which supports promising young sporting stars of the future. Photo Credit: FC-Zbrojovka / Illustrative photo.

Brno, Aug 23 (BD) – Last week, Brno City Council approved a new round of subsidies for organisations promoting sport in the city, totalling almost CZK 6 million. 

One of them is the South Moravian Regional Football Academy Endowment Fund, which should receive CZK 1.7 million to secure the academy for the school year 2021/2022. The funding will be used to pay for renting sports grounds, including facilities, travel, and catering for primary school athletes. The Regional Football Academy provides long-term sport and educational activities for a maximum of 50 talented young footballers aged 6 to 18, with a focus on players aged 12-15, in order to keep them in both local clubs and in school. It is a collaboration between the Czech Football Association, the South Moravian Region, and the City of Brno.

The Brno Center for Sports Hopes (“Brněnské centrum sportovních nadějí”) will receive CZK 2.25 million. The center aims to ensure the improvement of training, equipment, rehabilitation, and medical conditions for the training of the most talented athletes in the region, to prevent them having to leave Brno or South Moravia. In the 2020/2021 season, the center supported 34 Brno athletes from 14 sports, primarily individual Olympic sports, and the athletes remain on the program in categories according to their performance.

“Brno is a strong and successful city in many ways, and without a doubt, it can also be proud of the great performances of its top athletes,” said Jaroslav Suchý (KDU-CSL), City Council member for sport. “I am glad that we are giving them backing through the Brno Center for Sports Hopes. And it’s not just that: money from the city budget should also go to ensure the operation of the regional football academy or smaller sports clubs to ensure their activities. We are also thinking of the general public, which has enjoyed recreational sports and social events, and the organizers of projects promoting the historical and contemporary success of Brno sports.”

Other organisations receiving subsidies include the Brno Municipal Sports Club (“Městský sportovní klub Brno”), which hopes to create a permanent exhibition gallery about sport in Brno sport and organise events under the banner of Brno Year of Sport 2021, as well as a number of small football, floorball, cricket, ice hockey, and motor sport clubs.  

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