Playing Games For a Good Cause. Players Around The World Can Help Fakultní Nemocnice Brno By Purchasing Virtual Face Masks

Gaming for charity. Bohemia Interactive is proud to launch a Charity Pack of virtual face masks for their free-to-play looter shooter game Vigor. Proceeds from the sale will go to Fakultní nemocnice Brno. Image Credit: Bohemia Interactive.

Brno, June 30, 2021 – Developers from Czech game studio Bohemia Interactive are pleased to announce that they are adding a new Charity Pack containing themed virtual face masks to their popular game Vigor. The pack will be available for purchase on June 30th for a limited time on Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch.

“We’re very pleased that the Covid-19 pandemic is slowly receding. However, this doesn’t mean that institutions playing a key role in the fight against the disease do not need a helping hand. At Bohemia Interactive, we thought about how, with the help of the Vigor gaming community, we can thank everyone who helped improve the situation. We came up with the ‘Thank You Charity Pack’, which contains three virtual face masks that fans can proudly wear in the game after purchase. Each mask represents one important sector of first responders specifically, the police, firefighters, and medical staff,” explains Filip Šťastný, Brand Manager of Vigor.

Players around the world will contribute to the purchase of air disinfectants

A sizable amount of the proceeds will help support medical staff, as well as the patients who visit Fakultní nemocnice Brno. Vigor’s international community will contribute to the purchasing of plasma air disinfectants, whose main advantage is that they can operate in the patients’ presence. These air disinfectants not only help reduce the spread of Covid-19, but other dangerous and transmittable viruses as well.

Fakultní nemocnice Brno plays a major role in the lives of south Moravians, which is why the developers from Bohemia Interactive have decided to donate the proceeds to them once again. Last year, a similar event managed to raise 250,000 CZK in support of the hospital.

“We believe that the gaming community likes to help, which was reflected last year during the worst waves of the pandemic, when players acted responsibly by staying at home with their favorite titles. Outlanders
our name for Vigor players will not leave empty-handed this year. As a reward for their contribution, they will receive three unique face masks, which they will be able to wear proudly in the game,” adds Filip Šťastný.

On behalf of Bohemia Interactive, the team would like to give their thanks in advance to everyone who joins the millions of Outlanders, who will be supporting the purchasing of new air disinfectants. The company believes that the air disinfectants will play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the wider community.

Vigor is a looter shooter game available for free on Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch. The game is set in post-war Norway, and is developed by Bohemia Interactive’s Brno office.

More information about Vigor can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and its official website.

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