City Council Seeks Ways To Save Brno Trade Fairs After Months of Cancelled Events

After months of cancelled events, Brno city councillors are looking for ways for trade fairs to return to the exhibitions grounds. Mayor Markéta Vaňková will discuss the situation with the Czech Government. Photo credit: Bvv Archive.

Brno, Sep 8 (BD) – City council officials have been discussing strategies to save Brno Trade Fairs, the city company that coordinates trade fairs at the exhibition grounds, whose operations were severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the strict lockdown measures.

“Brno Trade Fairs is the city company most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The measures taken by the government almost brought the company to a standstill, and we must respond to this difficult situation. For this reason, we have had an economic analysis carried out to show what steps the company should take from here. The main goal is to save the company and bring trade fairs back to the exhibition grounds, ” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS).

The economic analysis was carried out by Deloitte. At a meeting last week, city councillors took note of the report and agreed to pass the analysis to Brno Trade Fairs: “We will now be able to hand over the study and the advice it contains to the company, so that its management and employees can get acquainted with it. Equally important is the instruction for the company’s Board of Directors to start taking the steps described in the analysis, which will lead to the company’s restructuring,” said Petr Kratochvíl (ODS), Brno city councillor for transport and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brno Trade Fairs. 

Vaňková will also discuss the situation of the company with the Czech government: “I would like the government to amend the conditions under which mass events such as trade fairs can be organized. Trade fairs in Brno are at the heart of the city and we want to save them. I also want to open up negotiations with the government about compensation for the losses that the company has suffered.”

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